Our Visitor Cabin

  • In the Cabin there is a microwave, Washing machine/dryer, fridge freezer, washing up sink and food prep area. Feel free to use this facility 24hrs.

  • There are 3 unisex cubical toilets in the main block. One has a shower within the cubical. There is also a separate toilet and sink at the end of the block.

  • Our state of the art waste water treatment plant system is designed to completely recycle the waste water and discharge into our stream. So only toilet paper, number 1 and 2's, all other sanitary products in the bins please.

  • The cabin is unisex. Young children must be accompanied when using the facilities.

  • Feel free to take cover in the cabin room if its really cold or wet .

  • All buildings and accommodation are strictly non smoking/vaping.

Cabin Room with cutlery plates cups

Table/6 seats

Entrance with map and Notice board

3 X Toliets

1 X Shower with Toilet

The animals are located all across the farm. We would be happy for you to meet them close up.. Even better, if you don't mind getting dirty you can help with looking after them and feeding them! Please ask on arrival and we can let you know where and when.

We often have an evening walk around the top field with the goats, just ask and we can book you in to the Goats Diary

Please do not feed the animals with anything that has not been provided by the owners.

  • The Tyre Swing in the bottom field is exclusively for our guests to have fun.

  • The stream is fun to play in but as with any natural water feature can be dangerous. Its knee deep on an adult. Please supervise small children.

  • Please do not remove rocks from the stream or any walls.

  • The mud can be deep and smelly so bring your wellies.

  • The trampoline in the goat field is for their use.

  • Please feel to use the freezer for cool box ice packs

  • Ice is also available from the farm house in limited quantities for drinks, Please ask