Meet the Team and the Animals

The Owners

Frances and Mark are both registered nurses working in General Practice and the Welsh Ambulance Service. We moved to North Wales in Feb 2020 from Milton Keynes at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our dream was to open a campsite which is relaxed family and animal friendly. 

We aim to provide an environment where you can have fun, relax and be yourself.

Well, here it is...….. Caerhun Farm "Our Camping Farm". 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do !

Mark & Frances Baverstock Owners of Caerhun Farm 

Mark & Uncle Albert

Frances & Denzil

Flo & the Boys


Mark & Frances 

Caerhun Farm Merch

The Goats 

Delboy, Denzil, Uncle Albert, Dave, Trigger, Barry & Pats

The Saneen Goats were the first animals to arrive at Caerhun Farm.

They LOVE fuss and attention. You will often hear Dave shouting for food.

Barry is the black Nubian goat and by far the most attractive (and he knows it!).

The goats have access to their own trampoline. They will often be found sunbathing in the late afternoon. 


Chewpacca is Lama/Alpaca Cross. 

He was born in September 2021. He came to the farm with his best mate Gerry.

Chewpacca LOVES carrots. He is very nosey and will follow you around. He doesnt like cuddles. 

Solo & Gerry

Gerry came to the farm with Chewpacca. He was born in October 2021

He is a pure white Alpaca. He will eat out of your hands but does not like cuddles. 

Solo is a pure white alpaca born in July 2022. He loves being with Gerry & his mate Chewie. 

Billy, Goat & Gruff

Billy, Goat & Gruff are Pygmy goats. 

We rescued them from a lady who couldn't manage them anymore. They stick together with their new mate Spike. They love fuss and love. 

They often play fight with each other bashing horns. 

Myfanwy & Gwyneth

Our lovely donkeys are Mother and Daughter. We long term foster them from Snowdonia Donkey Sanctuary. 

The love ear scratches and fuss. 

Gwyneth is sometimes stroppy with the goats and can push them out the way for the best hay!